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"Proud Partner of Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business"

Aboriginally-owned Since 2014.

LOK Energy Services takes immense pride in its prestigious membership with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) as a recognized Aboriginal-owned company. This affiliation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering Indigenous entrepreneurship and contributing to the economic prosperity of Aboriginal communities across Canada. Since our inception, we have aligned our business practices with the CCAB's mission, emphasizing ethical conduct and sustainable development as integral components of our corporate ethos. By actively participating in initiatives that champion economic growth and cultural preservation, LOK Energy Services stands as a dedicated partner in advancing the goals of the CCAB, underscoring our belief in responsible business that respects and uplifts Indigenous voices.


At the heart of our collaboration with the CCAB lies a shared vision for a more inclusive and sustainable Canadian business landscape. Our dedication goes beyond mere recognition; it manifests in tangible actions aimed at creating positive impacts on Indigenous communities. Through ongoing initiatives, partnerships, and community engagement, LOK Energy Services remains committed to realizing the collective aspirations of the CCAB and contributing to a business environment that values diversity, equity, and ethical stewardship.

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